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Nifty Fish

Play to Earn. Collect Blendable NFTs.

Nifty Fish will be a Play to Earn game focused on collecting blendable NFTs.  Players will be able to fish using unique poles and lures in hopes of catching rare NFT fish.  These fish can then be blended together to make even rarer Fighting Fish.  Fighting Fish can then be amassed into large armies that will battle to win prizes.

Cast, Catch, and Blend

An NFT collecting game about catching, blending, and battling rare fish.


Be sure to catch our new sticker packs for Nifty Fish, releasing soon!  Check our Discord for more information and updates here.

Catch Our Nifty Fish Stickers

Another game in the FGL Metaverse

Nifty Fish is part of the FGL Metaverse, using FGL Tokens.

The FGL token will function as currency across our entire crypto games portfolio. We believe this increases the value and longevity of our token and helps to establish a healthy economy.


More info about FGL Tokens here:

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